Rohatgi Charitable Trust

Sunday 5 March, 2023

Rohatgi Holi Mangal Milan 2023, Join us for a "HOLI MANGAL MILAN" followed by Dinner and a Programme by Children.

In the Loving
Memory of

Shri Prakash Narain Rohatgi 13-10-1921 to 12-08-1986
Smt Urmila Devi Rohatgi 01-07-1929 to 17-07-2020

This Website Has Been Pioneered By The Contribution From "Dr. Praveen K Rohatgi, S/O Late Shree Prakash Narain Rohatgi & Late Shreemati Urmila Devi Rohatgi, Tampa, Fl. USA

Management and trustee members

Our committe members always wants best for the Rohatgi Community. They works for the better present and future of school, Dharamshala and trust. We wish our best wishes to new committe members.

Managing Commitee

Sh Bal Kishore Rohatgi

+91 9811148986

Sh Vinit Choudhary

Vice President
+91 9818370850

Sh Nishi Kumar Rohatgi

Vice President For Social Work
+91 9810336330

Sh Rajiv Rohatgi

+91 9811037487

Sh Ajay Kumar Rohatgi

Joint Secretary
+91 9810329365

Suresh Chand Rohatgi

+91 9213944933


Col Pardeep Rohatgi

+91 9811591383

Sh Chottey Lal Rohatgi

+91 9268226768

Sh Dinesh Rohatgi

+91 9818214152

Sh Purshuttam Rohatgi

+91 9811296074

Sh Rajeev Rohatgi

+91 9810122549

Sh Sarvesh Rohatgi

+91 8383815488

Sh Hari Kishan Rohatgi

+91 9911620608