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Sunday 5 March, 2023

Rohatgi Holi Mangal Milan 2023, Join us for a "HOLI MANGAL MILAN" followed by Dinner and a Programme by Children.

In the Loving
Memory of

Shri Prakash Narain Rohatgi 13-10-1921 to 12-08-1986
Smt Urmila Devi Rohatgi 01-07-1929 to 17-07-2020

This Website Has Been Pioneered By The Contribution From "Dr. Praveen K Rohatgi, S/O Late Shree Prakash Narain Rohatgi & Late Shreemati Urmila Devi Rohatgi, Tampa, Fl. USA

Rohatgi Charitable Trust

The office of Rohatgi charitable trust is located in a spacious three-storeyed building measuring 800sq.yds. in Katra Kaushal Rai, Kinari Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi and is known as Rohatgi Bhawan. This Bhawan was purchased in 1940 at the cost of Rs. 25000 with the joint efforts of cloth traders of the Rohatgi community. These were Sh. Moti Ram Rohatgi (Cloth Trader), Radhey Lal Rohatgi (Head of D.C.M Marketing) Naval Kishore Rohatgi, Dr Raj Narayan Rohatgi, Radhey Lal Rohatgi and Bishambhar Nath Rohatgi. At present, the Bhawan is used as a banquet hall to serve the Rohatgi community and residents. Rohatgi Bhawan is a perfect place for any sort kind of event. It is a well-structured building that has a charitable trust and a banquet hall with all facilities. The ground floor of the building has modern kitchen and one well-equipped dining hall of size 60*27. The dining hall is fully air-conditioned and has a marble floor. It also serves as a banquet for the community and other people for small functions. The community has its charitable trust which is managed by Sh. Hari Kishan Rohatgi and Sh. Avadh Bihari Rohatgi. The trust is in Kinari Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi. It is now managed by Sh. Chhotey Lal Rohatgi.

ANNUAL functions

The trust has been celebrating three major social religious functions every year with enthusiasm:


Satyavadi Maharaja
Harishchandra Jayanti in January.


Holi Mangal Milan
is celebrated in March.


Raam Leela
celebrations in October.

Our new generation has very little knowledge about the Rohatgi Charitable Trust. That’s why they have inactivity towards their community. Our young generation doesn’t know about the main office of trust, who are the managers of the trust, why was the trust needed and what work the trust management do for society. We are trying to give some answers for their knowledge so that they also know about their ancestors and their contribution.


In 1950 the Rohatgi Bhawan was in very bad condition. There was a factory of manufacturing geometry boxes under the name “Rohatas Engineering Works” which was owned by Sh. Ram Kishore Rohatgi and their brothers. The maintenance of all the property was very necessary.


About 70 years ago, at the starting of the year 1942 some people of the Rohatgi community. The main names are Sh. Moti ram Rohatgi, Sh. Radhey Lal Rohatgi, Sh. Naval Kishore Rohatgi, Dr Raj Narayan Rohatgi, Sh. Jugal Kishore Rohatgi, Bihari Lal Ji and other social workers with the help of   Sh. Lala Visheshwar Nath Rohatgi bought Rohatgi Bhawan for Rs. 25000 on 8 July 1942 in Katra Kushahal Rai. Apart from this Rohatgi community has another property in Gali Guliyan. This property was given by the ancestors of Sh. Narsig Das Rohatgi to the Rohatgi Community for social work.


The trust was established due to the maintenance of both properties. The amount of these properties was Rs. 80000 at that time. The trust was established in the mid-decade 1950-1960. The name of the trust was Rohatgi Sakshinik and Dharmik Trust Society and its office was in 2708, Rohatgi School, Raiji Chowk, Nai Sadak New Delhi.

सत्यवादी महाराजा हरिश्चन्द्र हमें हरिश्चन्द्र वंशीय होने पर गर्व है|


On 26, December 1969 our 10 ancestors had changed the name of trust with “Rohatgi Charitable Trust” and establish a legal document of the deed of trust. 10 ancestors name were-


It is a very proud moment for the Rohatgi community that after many difficulties the trust is fulfilling its responsibility for 40 years since 1969. Trust and its other related office’s names are given below:

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